Emulsion is the mixture of two or more liquids that are normally immiscible (un-blendable). Such are oils and water that do not mix and usually separate from each other, forming two layers. These kinds of thermodynamically unstable liquid/liquid dispersions are stabilized, in general, by the use of surfactants (emulsifiers) and the application of mechanical processes (stirring, pressure homogenization).

In the beverage sector there are ingredients, such as flavours, colours, vitamins which are in oil form and thus not so easily be incorporated in water-based products. In order to incorporate these oily substances into a beverage, we need to emulsify them in a water phase. Emulsions due to their physicochemical properties scatter light and so they attribute turbidity wherever added.  Thus, beverage emulsions are ingredients systems that depending on their composition may attribute in the final product, turbidity, and/or colour and/or flavour and/or some kind of functionality.

Our product portfolio covers all required functions of an emulsion, flavour, colour and cloudiness. Additionally there are neutral cloud and/or colouring emulsions that attribute to the final product turbidity and/or colour without any effect on its flavour and taste. Alternatively, if you are looking for a way to incorporate oil-soluble flavours and/or colours in a clear beverage then we can supply a nano-emulsion that has almost zero effect to the opacity of the beverage.

Moreover, our great expertise in emulsion formulation allows us to produce 100% natural emulsions with FTNF or natural flavours/colours and natural emulsifiers, without weighting agents and with great stability properties. Our emulsions are Halal certified and Kosher compliant.

Please ask us to develop your emulsion solution for your beverage.