PAXMAN provides compound solutions in order to facilitate and simplify the production processes of its customers.

A compound might incorporate several ingredients as juices, flavors, colors, vitamins, proteins, sweeteners, thickeners and stabilizers which in some cases are hard to blend in a filling facility, with limited blending equipment. So, actually the beverage manufacturer needs to add just sugar, citric acid and the desired preservatives. Nevertheless, PAXMAN serves several customers by providing all-in-one compounds, which is diluted just by water to obtain the final drink.

In PAXMAN we work closely with our customers providing tailor-made solutions for their compounds in order to best fit in their production capacities and their product needs. The use of beverage compounds, simplify the production process for the beverage manufacturers, ensuring consistent sensory attributes of the final beverage.

Please ask us to develop for you the right compound for your beverage.