EPAnEK Funded Programmes


The main scope of the ExploreOpuntia project is the exploitation of different genotypes of the Greek varieties of Opuntia (Opuntia ficus – indica) by implementing various processes in order to obtain higher value-added products. Compared with other plants, Opuntia provides a wide range of exploitation potential due to the processing ability of various parts of the plant. The present project focuses on the integrated use of Opuntia to produce powders, isolate different colorants, encapsulate mixtures of sugars/colorants, isolate edible oil, and to produce bio-products from the young cladodes (flattened stems)  or nopalitos, from the cactus, seeds fruit and the peels. The project is implemented by the Agricultural University of Athens (Coordinator), the University of Ioannina, E.I. PAPADOPOULOS SA, UNILEVER KNORR SA, PAXMAN LTD and the subcontractors KYKLOS POIOTITAS-QLCon and Minoan Land.



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